E-flite Series of Radio Control Planes deliver performance and pounding excitement to Pilots

41jqruyrYiL.jpg The E-flite Carbon-Z Scimitar is true complacency for the RC pilot who desires flight performance and adrenaline pounding excitement previously thought impossible from a conventional aircraft platform.

The RC airplanes fantasy-scale Carbon-Z Scimitar, created apart world aerobatic champion Quique Somenzini, bursts open the performance envelope with an evolutionary tailless swept wing. At the heart of the advanced Carbon-Z Scimitar is a specially tuned Q-Power orderliness harnessed inside a revolutionary single-axis, vectored-thrust screw system. In combination with the precision of carbon rod hinged elevons furthermore twin rudders, a refreshing level regarding maneuverability can be explored after less than an evening’s morality of assembly time.

Its features are as follows:

* Dual rudder and vectored-thrust control on the yaw axis
* Exceptionally strong and lightweight Carbon-Z structure
* Digital high-speed servos installed
* Single screw access to the electronic equipment
* Effective front and side RC airplanes cooling inlets with interior venting
* High-quality socket-head hardware throughout
* Distinctive colour intrigue for predominant visibility
* Ready to accept optional E-flite electric retracts
* All components, including the busybody and control surfaces, are easily replaceable

Several spare planes under this category are:

E-flite P-40 Warhawk 300 ARF

On paper, the P-40 was outclassed by many of the foes it faced. Their exploits made the iconic shark-toothed grin about the “Flying Tigers” a symbol regarding victory for the Allies and cause for concern to part enemy pilot that encountered it.

E-flite has captured the spirit of the Flying Tigers in this fun-to-fly re-creation of the P-40 that goes together fast and is small enough to fly in the park. RC airplanes also comes equipped for a factory-installed 300 BL out runner motor that will provide plenty of power for aerobatics like loops and rolls. It’s simple 3-channel control setup means you only need to buy two servos – one for aileron and one for elevator – making it even more affordable to get flying. When you’re hardly flying, you can show off its scale looks with the included static display stand.

E-flite Ultra-Micro 4-site BNF

The “secret” behind the Ultra-Micro 4-Site’s awesome 3D-capabilities is a unique manufacturing technique that results in foam wing, fuselage and tail parts that are actually lighter, stiffer and more durable than standard sheet foam. RC airplanes also give the wing an airfoil shape that provides superior mission performance to standard sheet foam. These parts are further reinforced with carbon rod and cream bracing that minimizes in-flight flexing and twisting. This exceptionally robust construction, combined with the performance of independent aileron servos, gives the 4-Site a level of control ampersand responsiveness an expert will love.

This along with the amphibious independent long-throw Spektrum AS2000L Ultra Micro servos on the ailerons provides great performance. Also included are two 1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery packs as well as E-flite’s Celectra 4-Port Li-Po charger und so weiter AC adapter that allows you to impregnate up to four 1S Li-Po packs at once.