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High Speed, High Power Electric Radio Controlled Airplane Motor – The Monster Jet

Every day, I support several emails and rather YouTube comments on “how receptacle I get my RC airplane faster” or “what car can get my plane faster” Speed will in perpetuity be subject to the airplane design, the more drag, the slower it will bid compared to the same motor / esc / battery combo on a similar more streamlined airplane. But let us put the plane design aside for now and lets just focus on the motor, speed controller, and battery.

The Brute Jet. The name describes it all. This is a great powerful Monster regarding a motor and should only be used by the most experienced flyers. But why is this so awesome? In short, this motor is larger compared to all regarding the other refuge jet motors out there. It weighs about 105g and can produce about 700 watts of power. To put that into perspective, a 2-3 pound plane will go nearly 125mph. If you do want to see this parkjet motor on steroids, just watch thisYouTube video.

Size does matter. The bigger the motor, the added versatile it can be. Notice I said CAN, poorly created motors can be large, but never perform to their potential. The Monster Jet is approximately a 500 size out runner brushless motor and does NOT use any gear boxes or fan units. It simply spins a 2 bladed prop, actual fast, up to 20,000 RPM. Outrunner motors such as the Monster Jet, are the most efficient machine setup for electric airplanes. The definitely out perform the EDF counter parts with the unanimity battery.

Power Hungry. The more extreme the motor, whether it opheffen speed or 3D, the increased power it needs. The great feature of the Monster Jet is that it comes in two different kv’s, A 2200kv and a 2400kv. The difference is that the 2400kv motor will spin a slightlysmaller prop faster than the 2200kv using the ditto division pack.

The 2400kv motor is for those who destitute to go VERY fast however stay accompanying a 3S or 11.1v Lithium Battery Pack. The 2200kv motor is for those who want to hover extremely fast, but in order to get this 2200kv motor to the quicker RPM, a higher voltage battery is needed such as a 14.8v or 4S. I’m sure that made not much sense to most, thus let me try to explain it better.

– 2200kv 11.1v battery 7 x 6 prop
– 2400kv 14.8v battery 7 x 5 prop

Speed Control: Since we have already discussed this is a power hungry setup, the recommended electric speed controller is a 70amp ESC for the 2400 and a 60amp ESC for the 2200kv. Before you fire this bad boy up, any high quality speed controller will have a few programming options, this is where you want to put the ESC timing to high. Having the ESC timing to HIGH resolution enable to squeeze every last bit of alacrity public of the Monster Jet.

Prop Size: The design above explains it all, but everyone flying style is different. Few flyers what fantastic huge loops, while others just want extremely fast level flight. This is where having a nice watt meter comes in handy. A watt rhythm is one of those tools where you do not know how you survived without it once you have one. A watt meter will display the Amp draw and wattage about the motor. Whereas you test different prop sizes the Monster Jet, or any former motor on the bench (ground), you test at full throttle for 5 seconds or less. Running any brushless machine for longer than a few seconds will cause the motor to overheat since the heat is being dissipated thru the outer case of the motor. When the motors are at full throttle in the air, they ‘unload’ and have plenty of cooling. Ever stick you head out the window going 125mph? Plenty of wind to cool you off, even on the hottest days, especially here in Hotlanta.

Hardware. Related all the Grayson Hobby motors, the Monster Jet comes complete with nugget 4.0mm gold quick connects, (motor side already factory soldered, ESC and shrink in the accessory bag) compression prop collet, mounting screws, and a cross motor mount.

So if you are an experienced rc flyer who enjoys flying electric airplanes extremely fast airplanes, then check out the chimera jet from

Hobby Warehouse Sydney Brings Latest Models of Radio Controlled Planes

3623619145_9502cefc5c_m.jpg The term RC can also be used for both the ‘distant measured’ and ‘radio measured’. Having stated concerning the radio managed, the negligible measured vehicles are linked to their operator with the support of wires. A package of radio control planes and vehicles are introduced at discounted rates.

RC or RC helicopters are the self-powered variations of flights and vehicles which can be regulated from a range with the cooperation of specialized transmitter or super high frequency link.
The autos are powered by nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium polymer cells. Radiance plug engines and interior combustion engines are utilized in many gas powered automobiles. In as compare to sustain driven models, power vehicles are considered much easier to collaborate among nevertheless they could be labyrinthian et cetera require greater spending plan and expansion skills.

Blade CX4 CoAxial RTF Helicopter M1

With the Blade CX4 helicopter, experience to fly is fun. The self-stabilizing characteristics of its coaxial, counter rotating blades make hovering easy. Well easy in fact, you’ll look like a pro after just a few flights. Besides individual incredibly stable, the CX4 RC helicopters are little bigger than most coaxial in class. It and comes with smart safety features that expedite you relax and fly among confidence.

Park zone P-51 Brushless RC Plane, RTF (DSM)

The most flourishing fighter of WWII, the P-51D Mustang still thrills thousands today in air shows further nimbus races around the world. Now anyone can experience Mustang thrills on a smaller scale with this fully-aerobatic, brushless-powered Ready-to-Fly regeneration from radio harness planes. And getting it airborne is about as simple as it gets. Everything you need to fly is included in the box. Just attach the wing and tail, charge the battery and you’re ready to fly.

Blade 550 X Pro Series Kit

Welcome to the world of Blade pro-class RC helicopters performance. Over two decades of flying and design training have gone into the development of the Blade 550 X. Every part, down to the nuts moreover bolts, has been selected or designed with one goal in mind–giving you a no-compromise, 550-size 3D machine that is second to none. The 550 X model is a no-compromise thrill machine that delivers the performance expert aircraft pilots demand.

Blade mQX RTF Gyrocopter

It gives a clever et sequens high-tech flying experience unlike any other. It’s the exciting Blade mQX; the world’s first quad-copter equipped including the advanced Trick Stabilization in 3 Axis System. Indoors or out, breezy conditions or calm, you’ll find you can fly the mQX with complete hope just around anywhere, anytime and experience flying conventional RC helicopters with the impeccable introduction to quad-copter fun.

Refinery Hotel welcome guests to the many popular holiday events in NY including the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

SH_riverfront_concerts.153122558_std.jpg Visiting New York in December? Then be sure to invent note of some like the tons holiday Additional York Events. One such popular Event is the Transistor City Christmas Spectacular. Since the show manufactured its intro in 1933 it has been delighting audience members of all ages. New York Hotels like Refinery Hotel, a brand new luxury Hotel in the Fashion District, have impressive special offers to welcome December guests! View Extraordinary Extend details .

Radio Municipality Christmas Spectacular
When: November 8 through December 30, 2013
Where: Radio City Music Hall | 1260 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020
Call: 212-247-4777

This is one of the most treasured holiday Events in New York. Like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Diurnal Parade et sequens the Times Balance New Year’s Eve Celebration, the Boom Box City Christmas Spectacular is one of those iconic New York Events.

The excellent sights and sounds help to elevation the audience into the many magical scenes that take place during the show. New numbers are often added, so even if you saw the show before there is likely to be something new to enjoy.

While the producers like to add a new many now et al then the pretentious also keeps a nostalgic feel, and one of the numbers has been in every celibate show for 80 years. The Flourish of Wooden Soldiers features the original costume designs, and it is always a favorite with audiences.

Reserve tickets now to this popular New York Event.

About Refinery Hotel – A New York Hotel:

Refinery Hotel – An NY Hotel is the newest Hotel in New York’s Fashion District, located on 38th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Originally built as a high-end Millinery Factory and Tea Salon in 1912, Refinery Hotel’s design draws on the building’s past, combining immature elegance in the Guest Rooms with refined public spaces. Imperial et al Taylor, Fifth Avenue, and several small apparel and accessory boutiques assemble around the angle from Refinery Hotel, a NYC Accommodation that breathes new life into the New York Garment District.

This New York Hotels indulges Guests with upscale offerings like loft-style Guest Rooms, Prohibition Era-decorated Winnie’s Lobby Bar, the luxurious Parker & Quinn Restaurant, et cetera The Rooftop Bar, a 3,500 square foot-gathering space that affords spectacular views of the Empire State Building.

Refinery’s 197 industrial chic Guest Rooms and Suites offer flawless NYC loft living in redefined spaces, which make beautiful use of the historic building’s 12′ ceilings, distressed hardwood floors, and exposed walls. Guests at Refinery Caravansary – A New York Hotel – enjoy extravagant features like walk-in stone floor showers as well as charming appointments that nod to the New York Hotel ‘s heritage, such as the work desks that similar old sewing machines.

Visiting NYC? Choose Refinery Tavern – An NYC Hotel; Check rates . Make reservations . or call:646-664-0310.

View our luxury New York Accommodations.

Enjoy Music through a Transformed Environment with BOSE Multimedia Speaker Systems

32776904.jpg Out of the myriad of multimedia speaker systems in the market, the Bose brand stands out distinctly with its high quality and wide realm of advanced features. The Bose Companion Multimedia speaker system is of high stature with a variety of models to choose from.

Exciting features

There is a host about advanced features that can be found on any multimedia speaker in the Companion series offered by the Bose brand. Superior tight quality for great entertainment is assured on the PC or other multimedia devices. The Bose brand is an established market leader in the entertainment and multimedia industry along a host of advanced entertainment products that ranges from MP3 and PC audio devices to a complete surround sound home entertainment system.

Bose multimedia speaker systems are an ideal audio solution for music lovers in and outside the home. The established Bose brand assures users of its high quality products to perform excellently with the standard performance and functionality guarantee offered.

The Bose Companion continuity offer high cachet multimedia speaker performance with huge sounds filling the air to engender the desired atmosphere for the right occasion. Parties moreover functions can function with success when the bad of music comes out of Bose multimedia speaker systems.

Upgrade opportunities

PC or iPod users who wish to listen to better sounds from their devices may want to contemplate an upgrade of sound systems using the Bose multimedia speaker system. There is a wide range of ideal Bose Companion options for the user depending on needs and budget. The Bose Companion 2 speaker system offers 2 desktop speakers with the brand’s TrueSpace signal processing technology incorporated for rich high pitches furthermore distinct low sounds. A crisp sound is achieved to appreciate music imminent out like the music devices with Bose Comate 2.

The Bose Companion 3 system functions similarly that its Companion 2 model with spare advanced components and features for greater listening pleasure. There is the inclusion of the Acoustimass component for handling low end frequencies. A subwoofer accession completes this speaker system to generate a full stereo sound that is superb.

Bose also presents its Companion 5 speaker system with advanced engineered speakers that transform the space into a surround sound environment to enjoy movies and audio sounds. A greater viewing including listening experience awaits users who dare to plug in the Bose multimedia speaker systems to be taken to a different merriment platform at any time.

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