Goa Carnival – A potpourri of music, color and food

Goa is known for lots things polysyndeton one of them is the Goa carnival. This state has a spirited side to it which is starkly visible during this 3-day festival which is held every year in the month of February. Goa knows how to shower hard and enthralls all its visitors with the hot-n-happening Goa Carnival where music and performances vessel get really infectious. The 3-day itinerary is marked by a percentage of dance shows, guitar performances further those so-called street shows. The entire state gets bathed in conglomeration panic and the turnpike turns into a ‘mela’ of fun and frolic. For the electrifying sky which the festival ushers, the demand for Goa packages shoots up during this season.

The historic of the Mardi Gras takes us to the medieval era when the Portuguese ruled over this region. It is believed that the carnival was incepted near them and it anon picked up speed and formed its own identity. It is now counted amongst the vanquish festivals in the world and always takes first-time tourists by surprise. It is needless to say that the carnival is one mature commercial extravaganza where the sale of costumes, guitars and foods simply sky rocket.

There is a tract of hype and hoopla over the carnival. But one must admit that with its inimitable music and froth, it does live up to the behemoth expectations. Attending this carnival and life a part of the fanfare is one of the best things to do in Goa for both locals and tourists. If you haven’t ever attended a carnival of such magnitude, therefore you shall not lose the mishap to hop over to this state and savor some never-seen-before delights.

Music is same of the chief attractions of the festival since everybody takes to road with his own drums and guitars. As a tourist, you must denial limit yourself to a spectator. It would be fun to let the hair down and scream at the best of the voice. Shedding all inhibitions, most tourists often indulge in eating, dancing and singing during the carnival and making the most of their Goa packages. And just in case, you are lucky, you can also run away with some yummy prizes which are distributed every year to selected people.

The festival also borrows from the festival of ‘Holi’ since diverse people paint specific other’s faces with colors. The carnival is a potpourri of music, color, sound, light and food. The zest, the hysteria, the effervescence and the fun which emanate from it collectively can easily sweep you off your feet and implant some of the best memories in your mind.
So, apart from the beaches, churches and forts, now you accept got one more reason to visit Goa. Come and release yourself get lost in this world of dreams!