Gregory Evans is one of the world’s top security experts. He has been on TV & Radio more than any other security consultant in the world!

Every six seconds a particular computer is hacked into. Often times hacking victims don’t find out until it’s immensely late–leaving them vulnerable to identity theft, email intrusion, cyber stalking and a collection of other virtual crimes. And although the United States has penalties for cyber crimes, only chosen out of every 10,000 crimes that gets reported leads to an arrest or conviction. wanted to see first-hand what it takes to possess your PC safe, so we went consecutive to the source–well-known computer defense expert, Gregory D. Evans. We talked with the convicted-hacker-turned-founder of LIGATT Security International, one of the nation’s leading high-tech security companies, and about key ways to curb cyber intrusion.

Think like a hacker. Evans suggests using “This is like the ADT for your network,” he remarks. It will perform an in-depth examine like a hacker would for free, letting you know where your computer is vulnerable. However, if you are a subscriber it will scan your PC automatically five times a hebdomadal and send you a thorough information afterwards.

In the movie “Catch Me Supposing You can,” staring Leonardo Dicaprio, it was displayed that it takes a thief to catch a thief. This should indiging the same philosophy we adopt to fight cyber crime, “It Takes A Hacker To Catch A Hacker.”
Fact 1 – Gregory Evans was ordered to pay back $10 million to AT&T, MCI and further fate 500 companies due to computer hacking.

Fact 2 – According to Nielsen Audience, 3,043,600 tribe listened to Gregory Evans speak in 2010 on national box and radio stations.
Fact 3 – The State Wall in California, Nevada, moreover Georgia has authorized Gregory Evans to teach Continuing Legal Education to attorneys.
Fact 4 – Gregory Evans invented the world’s first device to course a computer anywhere in the world.
Fact 5 – Gregory Evans wrote 8 books on computer insurance and identity theft.
Fact 6 – Greg Evans wrote the only book in the world dedicated to laptop security.
Fact 7 – LocatePC is the most downloaded computer tracking software in the world.
Fact 8 – Gregory Evans is the founder of 3 publicly traded companies. Mr. Evans sold The Cyber Mob Network and the other 2 are currently trading under the stock symbol LGTT and SPFM.
Fact 9 – Gregory Evans owns the 2nd largest caller ID spoofing services in the world.
Fact 10 – Gregory Evans has taught over 5 disparate Cyber Security courses on college campus such as, Santa Monica City College, Irvine Valley College, California State University, Los Angeles, San Marcos College, Pepperdine University, Anaheim City College, Rancho Santiago College, and ITT in Duluth, GA.
Fact 11 Cyber Group Rete and LIGATT Warranty are the only computer security companies