Nelson Radio and Billie Jean King

Clear Channel’s “Nelson Radio” showcases her views on achieving as an athlete and champion of social change

Nelson, the host of “Nelson Radio,” part of Clear Channel’s Broadcast network on KTLK AM 1150 and part from the Real Estate Radio Networkâ„¢, is looking at the swath concerning damage caused by the ‘Great Recession’ und so weiter specifically women, in the face of commercial downturn, who are impacting our culture further business community in building opportunity for others. Billie Jean King, author of ‘Pressure is a Privilege,’ holds a lifelong conviction about venturing into unchartered territory to empower the minority and work gender equality.

Nelson pleasure also interview OC Metro Editor Susan Belknapp who published in their Course edition the “20 Women to Watch” in Orange County. Semblance Billie Jean, these women are aflame new trails for social change, empowering women, spurring business innovation and providing a voice for auxiliary the poor and the persecuted. One of their most unifying characteristics is a determination to “find their own route to success” and not be hindered by obstacles on the “traditional path.”

Examples like Gigi Ibrahim who wanted to share the civil unrest in Egypt with the world, so the former Anaheim high school ampersand OCC student went to Tahrir Square in Cairo and covered the events via social media. And Alice Kim Cowell and Nilo G. knew there were missing elements to long-established industries such qua talent agencies and event planning they came up with their own concepts. The theme like “finding your own way” is woven throughout their testimonies, as is the storyline of so tons that overcome the odds.

On Thursday, Strut 21st, Nelson Radio is broadcasting remote at the Lyon Air Museum at John Wayne Airport beginning at 12:00pm, recording from the hanger parquet surrounded by the museum’s vintage WWII and Korean military aircraft. Bankruptcy Lawyer Firms will treffen in attendance to strengthen how they encourage their clientele in re-building their financial lives and again pursue their dreams. The show will air this Sunday from 1:00 to 2:00PM on KTLK’s AM 1150.

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