TOP 3 Video and Radio Stream Downloader

Recently people are getting more accustomed to the internet, which boosts the development of online services. Watch movie in the cinema and listening to concert became the activities that we do not do often. There appear various media stream services, such as website and software that for independence instead for a low cost via the internet, presenting a pristine world for us. At some point, those broaden the horizon of people who absorb news, knowledge, listen to music, do exercise according to the video and enjoy colorful life not alone thanks for the internet.
Besides the internet, web portal, streaming download manager and players have subsequently emerged which respectively have its own functions. Have you ever downloaded way BitTorrent, FTP else HTTP? The answer is absolutely yes. A lot of people have already become web video addict, firm stream downloader, or mp3 drunker.
Now to share some useful streaming downloader/ internet download manager. The following three are picked to be the best, pronto and easiest.
Top 1 Hidownload
Hidownload is a worthwhile all-in-one streaming video including audio downloader. It is capable of downloading more than one video at the same time. Its working process is url sniffer (for protocol analyzer), streaming downloader (starts to download once capture the streaming url). Additionally, all most all the online website video and audio files can be downloaded by it, including embedded ones.
Top 2 Flashrip
Flashrip covers the shortage of Hidownload by being equipped with a built-in converter. Except for flash video ripping, online movie recording, internet audio stream sniffing, it could act as a video und so weiter audio format converter with easy-to-use button functions too. But the downloadable video and radio website of flashrip is restricted that nay as many as Hidownload. Maybe 20+, such comme il faut youtube video, metacafe, bbc stream, soundcloud and soudlick. To know more information respecting it you can stem the main page of flashrip.

Top 3 ESFsoft Radio Downloader
ESFsoft Radio downloader is a well-designed internet radio downloader for radio listeners that intends to rap the mark of providing chance for radio lovers listen their favorite radio station or radio programs at anytime, anywhere.
It’s the best radio downloader I have used because the downloading process of it is very stable. The interface is concise and beautiful. Highly recommend it. Compared to the former two powerful video connective audio streaming rippers and downloader, ESFsoft Radio Downloader is free. Furthermore, it is specially designed for unattached internet radio websites shoutcast and icecast which contains numerous music radio stations by taking the best technology of sniffing media streaming data that hiding posterior javascript or activex scripts. The arabesque radio mp3 downloaded are all saved as mp3, aac files.

Above three are free to download. Do not hesitate to have a try.