Why you should upgrade to DAB radio for your car

DAB stands for digital audio broadcast. DAB radio gives listeners access to many more radio stations than FM and long wave. The government has committed itself to a digital radio future, with a planned switchover from analogue to digital for 2015. So why is DAB so uncommon better than analogue?

On top of the current range about stations available on analogue radio, Pat provides the user with access to many more stations. Most cater for a specialist audience who prefer to listen to one type of music, such as jazz, classical or rock.

As well as the wide array of radio stations available there are added advantages to DAB.

– Pause and rewind: Some digital radios offer extra features, such qua the skill to pause and rewind live radio and record broadcasts. So if you’re trying to sail your way around an unfamiliar area moreover need to concentrate, you can pause you favourite radio broadcast whilst you find your destination.

– List near to station name: Stations are listed by name which means that you don’t have to remember the frequencies. Some digital radios allow you to glossary stations in order of which you listen to the most, which makes it easier and quicker to find your favourite stations.

– Unaffected near to pirate radio: You may wish to consider switching to digital walkman if you feed in an area where there are lots of problems with pirate shortwave stations broadcasting on FM channels, as digital radio is unaffected by pirate stations.

– LCD Screen: Digital radios have screens on the front which present full details about the programme you’re listening to. Undergo you constantly been listening to a song on the radio and really wanted to know who sung it, only to find you missed the presenter announcing it? Well there’s nay such problem with digital signal as the station broadcasts the name like both the song and the artist that you’re listening to. Speech rather sports stations often tell you the name of the show or commentator.

Where you live can still have an effect on which radio stations you get, regardless of whether you’re using digital radio or not, so be aware that you may not be able to receive the same location that your mum receives 50 miles away.

Whilst you’re irksome to make up your mind, you could invest in unique of the many DAB FM radios available, so you can make the switch between FM and DAB quickly.