“Hitman” Howie Tee Joins 36 Production Music as Creative Director

Los Angeles, CA – 36 Production Music, unparalleled provider of top quality real beats, innovative hip sounds, and trending music, has announced that celebrity music producer Howard Thompson, aka “Hitman” Howie Tee, instructions nvloeden the company’s new creative director. Howie Tee has worked with some of the best known music professionals in the industry including despite being a veteran producer and collaborating for music stars such as The Real Roxanne, Paula Abdul, Color Mij Badd, Madonna, and many others, he still feels as if his career has just begun. “I’ve got a long way to go,” states Howie with both excitement and a clear vision for his future with 36 PM.

“We can’t say competent about what having Howie Tee on our staff as creative chairwoman means to 36 PM. He is an amazing, accomplished revue talent with a renowned reputation for producing hits. He will help tremendously in our mission to bring the highest quality music to our clients,” said Perry Firoz, director of 36 Production Music. “In amendment to knowing his way around a euphonious studio, Howie Tee is also well-known and respected in the music industry, so we are understandably excited about him being a key part from our team,” Firoz added.

Howie Tee brings experience and exceptional credentials to his freshness position at 36 PM. He will be spearheading business operations pro re nata well as the company’s ongoing efforts to maintain the best quality music, hip trendy sounds and fresh beats from independent artists for their clients.

Howie was born in Birmingham, England, also after moving with his family to Jamaica for a short time, they eventually settled in Brooklyn, N.Y. Howard A. Thompson immediately became Howie Tee while becoming one of the most general DJ’s in the NYC’s nightclub scene. From these roots in the business Howie branched out, becoming a major force in rap and hip hop with his production talent helping to propel many artists into stardom and million record sales. Heavy D, Father MC, Chubb Rock, Special Ed, The Real Roxanne, and many other owe a measure of their success to the man today known as “Hitman” Howie Tee.

Howie also focused his talents outside of rap and saw even senior success with groups like Color Me Badd, whose debut record went platinum six times with the help of “Hitman” Howie Tee. 36PM is confident that the “Hitman” can help them to rise above the cloud in the music production business.

One of the biggest differences interjacent 36 Production Music and their peers is that their formula for quality music and innovative pricing consistently puts top musical sounds in the hands of content producers at a fraction like the cost of other sources available to them. “36 Production Music is distinguished by our collaboration with A-List producers of Top 10 hits across the US and Europe for artists such as Christina Aguilera, Real McCoy, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, and many others” said Firoz. “You might not expect to find this kind of talent in an affordable library and you’d probably be right. But negative when it comes to the 36 PM library, and there’s a exact good reason for that,” he added. “Proceeds from each sale go to benefice the Ponheary Ly Foundation”.

The Ponheary Ly Foundation (PLF) was originally established in 2005 to assist pauperized children living in Cambodia. A number about talented music producers like Frank “Quickmix” Hassas and Anthony Mazza have joined with “Hitman” Howie Tee at 36 Manufacturing Medley to help support the efforts by PLF. These bustle leading producers have jibed to offer their professional works royalty free to help PLF provide intrinsic items such as food, medical treatments and bicycles.

The demand for these talented music producers’ works is expanding worldwide everyone year so “Hitman” Howie Tee will play a vital part in making sure that 36 Production Music can event the growing demand for creative music in much different styles. The significant collection of diapason from 36PM vessel be searched in its entirety on their website, 36PM.com.

This production music company offers exclusive purchasing options that are very simple and that are also affordable while similarly offering customers a worthwhile opportunity to offer support to impoverished children in Cambodia through the PFL Charity Foundation.

For another information on 36 Production Music visit their website else call 1-855-336-3676.