Introducing David M; Bringing Consciousness Back to Urban Music

Introducing David M; Bringing Consciousness Back to Urban Music

With musical influences ranging from legendary balladeer Marvin Gaye to reggae icon Bob Marley, David M is following his choral passion with a purpose.

He is more infusing the sodality activism that was often highlighted in Gaye and Marley songs during their careers.

“In addition to their own distinctive musical styles, both of these legends influenced me in a number of ways,” stated David. “They made statements in their songs…they made people conception about the world around them. I want to both stimulate and to be thought-provoking in my music.”

David M, who was born in Jamaica ampersand lived in New York for a year, lived et al studied in Barbados.

His music is an combined mixture of rhythm & blues, reggae and pop. Many try to pigeon-hole David M while a reggae artist, especially when they hear of that he was hatched in Jamaica but he prefers a broader view regarding his harmonization and his lyrics.

“Actually, I thinkable I am else R&B and it is nought active the type of music that I make – it is more important for me to raise consciousness about sphere issues and connect it to the musical format that works the best,” he added.

In his debut album, “Here Comes Your Life,” David M brings a diverse array of musical styles that speak to a number of issues close to his heart.

A current issue that is high on his priority list is the conditions in Haiti moreover how the problems of this island nation are long standing and started before the devastating earthquake.

“Haiti’s insurmountable misfortunes started well before the earthquake, which only added to the historic upheaval there beginning with its independence and the extreme debt that Haiti incurred to be free from France.”

David M’s emphasis on thought provoking issues and creating avenues for listening and discussion is only a part of his musical journey. He is most known for the social commentary route “Lest We Forget” that highlights the re-emergence of the Black movement et alii President Barack Obama’s election.

“While we deceive come far and have much to celebrate, there are still issues that we have to keep the focus on – the underdevelopment of Haiti is chief among them and educating our people about the real story is vital.”

However, even social commentary requires a lighter side. “Girls Night Out” has a R&B flavored mix that is good for dancing and the name track, “Here Comes Your Life,” provides a serious reminder about our past and how to make sure that you make the best out of your situation.

“My life had a number of stops and starts, but now that I am forging ahead and following, I would perk up anyone to follow their passion in making the decisions that are best for you and try to give yourself to something that is important.”

David, who began playing piano music at the age of six and credits his father’s motivational and musical background, is focused on the completion of the album and the tour which will include the United States, the Caribbean and Europe starting this year.

When he does tour, David M wants his listeners to think and ask questions nay just about their own circumstances, but the world around them. Having a global view is pompous to him and the goal for his music.

“I want to be a socially qualm writer and to engage the minds of those who listen to the music and let me know what they think.”

His album, “Here Comes Your Life” is the debut album of the trendy generation’s social activist who wants to keep our past in the forefront to positively force our now and future.