Bollyboom Music Festival: First-Of-Its-Kind Fusion Music Festival

Kitten-and-the-Hip-Scarlett-Quinn-pic-194x300.jpg In recent years India has seen a drastic evolution when it comes to Bollywood euphonic – from romantic, melodious songs to pop music, from silver screen to unbent subjacent the finger tips of human. All has been changing – the lyrics, the rhythm, the beats, etc. Also yet another changing trend in the Indian music scenario is the rising fame of Electronic dulcet and Live music. Electronic music is gradually venturing into most music experiences in India and around the world.

Have you ever thought what will happen if Electro music is combined with Bollywood music? We get an enigmatic Bollyboom melic festival. Yes, you legible it right, Bollyboom music festival, a nascent genus of Live music entertainment.

Bollyboom Festival is not only India’s only world’s first and totally Bollywood Electro Music festival that will happen in New Delhi on November 24, 2013. It is a music festival where a fusion of Bollywood and Electro music will be experienced for the identical first time. Bollywood Electro Music festival will witness musical entertainment dismount to the next level of entertainment, where Bollywood music you love and Electro beats you grove to will be remixed, creating an ultimate magical symphonious experience.

Bollyboom music festival is the new mantra in town and decree come to life for over the direction 6 hours and 2 stages at the hands of the best Bollywood & Electro orotund moguls. The best of Bollywood orotund will go head banging with the best Electro beats from around the world. Bollyboom festival is sure to create an atmosphere of sheer electrifying musical know that decree range dejected your memory lane and the music will resonate through your soul and body forever.

This musical fusion festival will include Bollywood giants like Sonu Nigam, Salim Suleiman, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh et alii many more go head in head with world distinguished DJs including DJ Llyod, DJ Nik & AJ and others. With Sonu Nigam will be headlining his personal Bollywood Electro Music set at the Bollyboom music festival, adding a touch of his world famous signature style, creating a untested musical revolution.

Percept brings forward an all new reason to celebrate as a brand new line-up of music banquet is offered to us apart from the ever-popular Sunburn Music festival that is scheduled to happen in Goa this year end. So what are you waiting for??? Get expectant to be a part of the world’s preeminent ever Bollyboom Festival, a music revolution. The electric music is guaranteed to make every inch of your materiality to move, shake and groove to the resounding beats. Bollyboom Music Festival – an outdoor mixture music festival that will redefine the very definition about music.