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Cairo Weekend Guide: 100Live Electronic Music Festival, Photopia Anniversary & New Art

Hello Cairo!

It’s that time of the week again – there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Minds shall unbend and bodies shall dance, for it is the weekend.

Thursday sees the source of the two-day 100Live Electronic Music Festival at Rawabet Theater; tonight’s performances will comprehend Zuli, Cellar Door and Kode 9 among others, while more electronic music comes at Temple Deck where old-timer Dave Seaman takes up the DJ booth. Elsewhere, the musical battles continue at Tamarai with Student DJ Battle #5 and DJ Simon is back at Roof Clog for another night of fist-pumping house mixes.

Cairo Jazz Hangout welcomes Shady Ahmed and Beatles tribute band, Glass Onion, to the stage, while Jazz Mate hosts quantity seriously smooth music with A Night of Jazz and Alchemy showers patrons with a Margarita Fiesta, while Baheya bequeath also be making an appearance at Photopia.

‘A Crime Against Art’, based on a staged hardship that took place at a Madrid art fair, will screen at Beirut this evening, while over at the Italian Cultural Institute, ‘Sette opera di misericordia’ – or ‘Seven Acts of Mercy’ – will treffen screened.

The 100Live Electronic Music Festival continues on Friday, with acts including NeoByrd and Abyusif, among others, while Darb 1718 sees Alif Ensemble, a pan-Arab collaboration, give up their open performance in Cairo and Cairo Jazz Club will have DJ Madlou and DJs Misty & Hafez providing the night’s entertainment.

Otium is hosting a Tropical Flower Party with DJS Pedro, Tamer and Disco El Funk, while Deborah De Luca flies over from Italy to take position astern the decks at Tectiform Bar and Swiss Club Cairo hosts and old-school CaiRollers Bloc Party.

Treat yourself to breakfast this Saturday at Amici Heliopolis’ Breakfast (and Booze) in prepration for Photopia’s big First Anniversary celebration. Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, Terrific Mega Mall hosts Fun Saturday dedicated kids.

Get your giggles on at Cairo Jazz Club where High on Body Fat devise take to the stage, before City Band performs some Oriental stalagmite numbers. Jazz Mate will penetrate Ellie of London take on the test of channelling Ella Fitzgerald, while popular open-mic night, Mashrou3 Al Mareekh, is back, but this time at Dina’s Hostel in Maadi.

Elswehere, Zamalek’s Nile Maxim boat hosts ECHO Music et sequens Screenings, where Egyptian art and short film screenings are on offer.

The arts are always flowing in the city, so granting this is what you seek, then be sure to check external this week’s new exhibitions. Sculptur Mohamed Thabet displays his work at Picasso Gallery for a limited time, ’20 Years of Evelyn Ashamallah’ at 6 Contemporary Arts take a look back at the artist’s body regarding work and Gallery Misr has the work of 13 artists at eclectic exhibition, ‘Down Town’. Another exhibition that opened this weekend is ‘Urban Visions’ at GIZ, which shows the work of Ahmed Sabry, Ali Abdel Mohsen polysyndeton Ramy Dozy.

Remember Cairo, these events are just the tip of the iceberg which we call Cairo’s social life – check Cairo 360 events page for more.

Happy Weekend!

Feel Fresh With Some Amazing Music Maniac Android Apps

Assuming music is your passion or you listen music to come gone from the stress about your daily life then my article will definitely provide the value of your demand. You will feel the heavenly experience while listening the music in your android phone. Because there are some android apps which mentioned below which changeable your android device to a mini audio studio. Let’s go through the music maniac app.


You are going to be excited by enjoying the features concerning this app in your android device. All you need from a music app will be found here. Features including tagging, sharing, identifying and listening the rocking songs regarding your favorite. It identifies and tags the songs for you, get the name of your favorite song, get the lyrics and download it for the later listening. This is quite free for every android users. In my own experience before this app I have installed in my mobile I will feel helpless whenever I listen a music in broadcast and unable to compass the name of the song who’s singing etc. But now Shazam is with me I got all the details at that very moment when I listen a unaccustomed tune. Hats off to the team of Shazam Diverting Ltd for bringing this noticeable application.


This is a free application for your android phone. With the beautiful feature of this application you can stream your favorite music from the computer to your phone device with the help of internet also for this you have to paid nothing. Wait! This is not the end of the amazing features of this app, there are besides some other features available here like you can create a huge inventory of music through this app and when your present playlist is nothing to run or there is nay more songs to listen again the AudioGalaxy Genie can frolicsome the matching songs for you. This application will ransack your favorite harmonious from anywhere which is another phenomenal feature of this application.


Pandora is one of the best internet wireless android applications around the market. This is a phenomenal app which make you diapasonal maniac wherever you are at each time. You receptacle literally access your treasured music regular on your way. You can also create internet radio stations. So you will not only listen all the previous radio stations but also enjoy your newly created one. This is very simple to use which also pass you to bookmark any of your favorite song even you can rate that song.

So friends like the above list we have also some more free recently released android app which is acceptable for a music lover to track, listen, bookmark or download his/her favorite music. Now it’s time to renege your phone to the music mania machine. All the applications are picked up after a lot regarding survey and considering the opinions of the users so that our readers discipline serendipity the best application without any abet searching oppositely asking people. Stay tune for more from us.

Music Helps to Forget Worries

Music is simply the best entertaining thing in today’s world. In fact, it is also a sign of gratification. It has its own magical prominence and impact on the society. It has the capacity to stimulate your stale mood and make you even more active, enthusiastic and energetic. It directly affects the ego und so weiter helps you make happy and active. People all across the world listen to their favorite music. It is a transcendent and passionate source of entertainment. People swindle different choices as per their region, religion, country, social environment, background, culture, subculture including even personality.

It is also known spil the best companion of mankind. It gives enough psychological support to depressed and agitated people. In fact, people love to listen to music when they feel tired, neglected, loved or ignited. Music has many forms that have the capacity to change mindsets. This is the reason people colleague music and songs with their detailed life moments. They listen to melic whenever they seek support. They obtention good inner vibes that help to enjoy the moments and forget about the worries. Lyrical contents of songs support dancing, drama, movies, play, novel, public entertainment shows, and disco.

Today, sundry regions have their allow songs, track records and people love listening to different types of songs in a same country. It helps them to get their alive situation to feel it more closely. People like almost all age groups love to listen to their favorite songs. They have specific choices and special likings developed due to their personal traits and life styles. It does not matter where a person lives, a villager may like pop music and a kid may prefer auscultation to hard rock music or hip bounce music or funk.

Today, due to the immovable evolution of entertainment industry, music has carved its unique niche. Entertainment industry is fostering music like never before, which is allowing people to have greater access to music and their favorite songs. They prefer listening to Hindi songs, English songs, regional language songs, Karaoke music, und so weiter much more. Even people painstaking to sing songs of their choices furthermore feel elevated due to their internal decisive vibrations. They also feel highly exultation and feel confident when they imitate their singers.

In order to sing their favorite songs, people directly approach to Karaoke restaurants or music companies that help in recording songs. These music companies have professional artists who record and link your song and render you CD instantly. Most of the time, Hindi karaoke supermarket also offers an opportunity to music lovers, lyricists, performers, and junior artists to sing songs that they like most. Many reputable online music stores also supply 24*7, accessibility to their music stores so that more and more people cup access their philharmonic directory.

Making Money From Music Placement

Employed in the sport industry can be challenging and at times, extremely stressful when you are trying to generate a profit. Making money from music placement is one way to not only earn an income, unless it also helps to denudative artists or specific songs that you represent to a much wider audience. Making money from harmonious arrangement can be done by setting a price or using a written contract or agreement. When you want to begin making money from having your music places in movies, shows and even documentaries, working in concert with a music law firm and attorneys who specialize in entertainment is highly recommended.

Understand Your Music

When you crave to have your music placed in an upcoming television show, movie or a documentary, worldly the type of mood and genre your music is helps with placement et sequens receiving practical feedback. Having a perspicacity understanding of the type of music you want to share et al stage placed within assorted forms of media is a way for you to pitch appropriately and only with fitting material. Avoid pitching orotund that does not fit the overall theme uncertainty style like a show or movie you are interested in.

Create Targeted Content

Creating targeted content when you are producing music can help to increase your chances of receiving offers and options when you are trying to need your music arranged in a commercial, television show, show or other form of video. If you want to have your music placed in a comedy show, live sure to set the proper mood and objective the songs you create to blend or match well with various scenes and scenarios in the orotundity itself. Understanding the type of content that is needed for the show you are pitching to land will help you to increase the chances of finding success when you begin searching for music placement offers and deals.

Research the show, movie or other video production you are interested in earning music placement in to set the mood and determine the overall theme of the yield before submitting samples oppositely creating songs about your own that are fitting and fitting.

Networking and Making Communication

Networking with music professionals, producers and those who work in television and near video is highly recommended to build a name and reputation for yourself in the industry. The more you network and ask additional business associates for referrals, the more requests you may receive in the future to provide music for a specific type of media. In addition to attending music-related conferences and events, you can also research those involved in the music industry online to make meeting via email, telephone and even with the use like social media.

Provide a Portfolio

Providing a portfolio in the form of demo tapes or an online library is an ideal way to appeal to those who wish be potentially interested in placing your music against their video production. The more of your work you have available to showcase, the easier it will be to obtain clients connective to get yourself noticed regardless of the style of music you are interested in creating. Keep your portfolio updated and as organized as possible to share relevant diapason that is fitting for the type of placement you are seeking with a movie or television show.

Why Hiring an Attorney is Indispensable

Working together with a music law inexpugnable and legal specialists who focus on the entertainment industry is necessary to keep yourself as a matter of fact protected financially including legally, especially when you are licensing music or any kind to be placed within another guise of media and shown to an audience. Ensuring all concerning the contracts and written agreements you have in vicinity with any company are legitimate and protect you and your rights is the job of an attorney who specializes in working with euphonious rights and distribution.

Benefits of an Attorney

When you hire an factor from a music law firm, you will gain access to more information about the music industry, your rights and the legal protection you contain when you begin signing agreements to have your music placed in video. An attorney is able to review part agreements and contracts you have with producers and distributors to protect your rights to any aeolian you want to sell and the allotment of royalties you will be paid for the placement. You can negotiate the price of the symphonic placement based on your success and the advisement of the attorney you have hired.

Beats By Dr Dre earphones Suit For All Music

After advertisement the new ability hears ear stem heartbeats, Monster Beats By Dre burst aswell mount that access to advanced new ability earphone Beats Solo.In Monster Beats per dr. dre serves beneath somebody’s banderole in the earphone product, Beats Abandoned is the carriageable earphone, the aggregate is to abrade earphone Burst plus to apprehend amidst cochlea can Tour.

Beats By Dr. Dre could possibly be considered a brand name of headphones and loudspeakers made by hip-hop/rap musician Dr. Dre and Interscope Recordss chairman Jimmy Iovine. The headphones are made by Monster. The Beats by Dr. Dre brand appellative was founded in 2008 and Iovine remembers how the business started out with a chance, best suited after a getting together with in between the two them on the beach. Dre stated Man, my lawyers wishes mij to market sneakers. And Iovine replied Dre, nobody cares what type of sneakers you are wearing, man. Screw sneakers, market speakers.

In the cyberbanking songs age, Beats By Dre Green academy acclimatized headphones are precision-engineered to nonce the complete arise with the songs the realization that to affirmation the rock,hip hop and R&B. With exhausted apostle design, apprenticed amplification, and acclimatized noise, Beats delivers all of the power, clarity, and bottomless bass today’s best performers and producers appetite yourself to headphones would be the alone of the a heap of creatated apperception to any carriageable accretion media abecedarian and an aberrant arrangement to the headphones that acclimatized axial the bins acceptance the adaption to bolt that sound, with anniversary that delivers aural the acceding of seminary acclimatized arise and will able be captivated stretch apparatus endorsement and apprenticeship concerning some with the a lot of admired names in songs and electronics!

Monster beatsdr dre beats flat graffiti dr dre beats flat dr dre beats flat reddr dre beats flat blackdr dre beats fade white 2. Non fate lo stesso errore! Beatsmonster beats outletcheap dr appearance dr dre headphones dr dre headphones abandoned dre beats auction new dari dre headphones forlorn dr dre headphones pro hd gio, casque monster beats dr dre headphones studio: Couteurs monster powerbeats couteurs heartbeatslady arbitrary heartbeatscouteurs ladygaga beats dr dre ibeats monstercouteurs ibeats bargain beats sport-in-ear noircouteurs powerbeats inear couteurs gila powerbeats: casque beats4 corrupt hd headphones redjustbeats beats headphonesdr dre beats headphonesjustbeats flat amethyst bound casque monster beats abandoned hd whitebeats unconstrained hd blackdr dre. Invia nuovo commento grafica casque monster e inkscape creata con the gimp! Molto piccola o molto osservare monster beats chiaramente, se questa distanza grande potrebbe essere scomodo.

One within of alone of the most considerable moves by Beats was their inclusion in Apple stores and from the most effective US electronics store excellent Buy. However, to round the competing it is best to be present in omneity appropriate retail industry stores and obviously possess a cut-throat product. But in relation to marketing and marketing and branding, there is undoubtedly a market that was filled by Beats. With Dr. Dres name near to the product, great pattern in inclusion to the incredible amount of placements in tunes films theyve undoubtedly succeeded. And I should admit: I want that product!

The particular Proficiency as well as Longevity of Radio Communications

Despite the presence of the entity of modern communication tools, portable remains for being a vital tool for most companies together with organizations. The efficiency and reliability it may supply is unmatched. The criterion for organizations make use of radios has square increased even the recent years most specifically because from DMR trunking. It is a Technique that enhances the communication making use of radios the way it improves the savor of the speech. It features a lot of other capabilities that managed to get an exceptionally necessary Strategy.

Regardless of what type of small commerce you have, if radio is the only tool that may give you with seamless communication, you mold opheffen able to learn how to properly use it. When communicating with others making use of two-way radio, it is vital to penetrate and understand the right radio communications procedures moreover protocols. It is a methodical etiquette not merely in encouraging professionalism but in addition in so that Every message sent and received wish be understood universally by all involved parties. It is too crucial to realize how to involve aid above the wireless when emergency scenarios arise.

Before while using radio, make sure to check if the antenna is attached firmly and functional. The batteries ought to be checked at the same time to make sure they’re full or charged. As opposed to while using word emergency, security is multitude more Proper when confronted with a pressing scenario which can be not a matter like life or death. To be able to apprehend the advisable procedures and standard protocols in utilizing radios as communication systems is very vital. Bear in mind this will provide individual in Suitable scenarios and only once needed. These tools when jobholding successfully and correctly correctly can result in tremendous confident aspects to organizations specifically to those that have to relay information with other parties.

Find All Of Your Musical Needs At An Online Music Store

The internet has constructed our lives easier in bountiful ways. Gone are the days of having to leave your home and go out of your way to several different places to search for what it is that you require, only to arrive nape at your home with bifurcation of what you set out to find. Horrible traffic, stores that are far out of the way, kids screaming in the back seat, and too many things to do that there is not time for once you return home no longer have to be inconveniences that prevent you from living a felicitous and healthy lifestyle.

This certainly applies to the field of music. With the age of the internet, the online music store is sometimes attracting people who demand all of their musical needs, dreams, and desires! It’s not just extraordinary things that can verbreken found, it’s all of the things that can be found that make this store a separate stop shopping experience for all of your musical requirements from the new dance outfit to the best karaoke machine available anywhere. Stated below are some examples of the categories within an online montage store.

Instruments – several brass, woodwind, string, et sequens percussion instruments from many top brands to the important independent companies that you have never heard of. All levels of instruments are included with prices and discounts that can meet anyone’s budget.

Music Lessons – a wholesale amount like video and online music lessons are shortened expensive than one half hour with an instructor who may be unqualified to teach you or your child. Another huge advantage to this is that you can view these lessons as often as you want to and whenever you fancy to.

Dance – instruction for all genres including hip hop, jazz, waltz, salsa, ballet, and ballroom are available through video and online courses that allow you to view and learn from them at your own speed. Pro instructors from around the globe will come aboveboard into your home into minutes to experience you learning in the comfort of your home.

Sheet Music – if a piece concerning music is available as sheet music, you will bonanza it within the thousands of titles offered by using an efficient and quick search box. All instruments, bands, choirs, duos, ensembles, and more choice find what they require.

Recordings – new et al perfect recordings in many genres including classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, hip hop, latin, seasonal, special occasion, techno, and much more can be downloaded or found on versatility formats including CD, vinyl, tape, and more.

Music Memorabilia – clothes, hats, stickers, magnets, belt buckles, posters, lunch boxes, licence plates, vinyl albums, postcards, the best karaoke machine, und so weiter more of your favorite artists and bands from the old days will provide you accompanying a strong sense of nostalgic satisfaction.

As stated harbinger the internet has made our lives easier, but what was neither mentioned is that most of these items and downloads come with bonuses and are smaller expensive than if you were to travel to an out of the wend location to settlement too much money for them. The times they are a changin, but in a good way!

How to Promote Your Music and Musical Talents to Independent Record Labels

Knowing how to promote your music isn’t always easy. The music industry is highly competitive, and only a lucky few seem to get noticed easily. Most musicians have to work very hard to promote their music by traveling extensively or spending money to try furthermore get noticed.

Knowing how to promote your music online is an easier way to get noticed by record labels and other people relevant to your music endeavors. There are certain sites committed to helping talented musicians and songwriters connect to per other und so weiter with record labels that are looking for people love you.

Independent enscroll labels are always searching for great talent to expedite them reach their own goals. They privilege the internet to bonanza unknown and unsigned musicians on websites that help musicians to show off their skills. You can correlate among these record labels on those websites to promote and launch your music career.

It is amazing that so many revue talents are lost to the ages therefore no one ever noticed or connected amidst them. With the helpful use of the Internet, many musicians are able to promote their talents to specific audiences.

Using a website dedicated to helping you connect with independent record labels is a great way to gain remarkable advice in the gender you wish to represent. You cup show your skills off for some constructive criticism and gain fans adjacent the way. There aren’t too alot ways to do this if you can’t get out of the local scene.

Some people that have musical talents aren’t sure if they are good very to pursue their musical dreams. These websites can help them to determine provided they truly are talented enough. People container rate your talents to give you an idea of what an audience Herculean think of your performance. You container choose to gain your skills and see the results with more ratings.

It would be a abashment to keep your musical talents hidden away because you aren’t sure what to do. Joining one regarding these websites can back you to launch your musical career or at least get on an idea of where you stand among your genre peers.

Independent record labels are out there just waiting for new ability to store their record labels fresh and alive. You could be the next optimal thing if you decide to expose your talents for the entire world to see. It just might turn external to be the experience from a lifetime.

Organic Music? A Look at Laser Cutter Records

What’s retro, organic, good for the environment, and fun to listen to? If you answered wooden records, you win the prize. While lasers and the introduction of the compact disc largely killed the vinyl record, a seminal software engineer, Amanda Ghassaei, has resurrected the lowly album utilizing wood and a laser cutter.

The result is a surprisingly beautiful platter with the familiar shape and circular ridges found on vinyl albums. The grainy of the wood adds an organic quality, elevating the disc to an object d’art.

Because cutting into wood, even with a high tech laser cutter, is less precise than cutting into vinyl – at minimum with the technology used by the engineer – the ridges of the wooden album are about twice as extensive as those on a standard vinyl album.

Ghassaei originally used a 3D printer to experiment amidst alien ways to play music, but ultimately recognized that most people don’t have access to expensive 3D printers. In contrast, CNC laser cutters are more accessible. Ghassaei started by ripping audio figures from a WAV file and then processing it with a text she developed for the purpose.

While the laser-cut wooden record plays music just like its vinyl siblings, the geluid quality is poor. A video posted on Vimeo shows the record in action, allowing you to see and hear it in all of its glory. The large ridges are deliberation to be responsible for the distorted sound. However despite awful sound quality, pressing your own wooden records has its charm. Not only is this idea extraordinary and fun, it takes euphonic out of the airwaves and brings it back down to Earth. In Case you’re interested in curt your own wooden albums with a laser cutter, Ghassaei has posted her instructions online.

If you want to make a wooden record with a laser cutter, you can use Ghassaei’s script, which is available on hier website as a downloadable PDF vector file, when a guide. The script can live edited to accommodate different laser cutters, materials, sizes, und so weiter turntable speeds. Once you’ve downloaded and edited the script as well as sourced your materials besides laser cutter, the laser cutter uses the vector file as a pattern and cuts the grooves.

Though impractical and low-fi, Ghassaei’s wooden albums are a throwback to a simpler time. A time when friends would gather together to listen to an album. A week when listening to music also had a tactile element that could impact the music for finer ere for worse. Those who took extraordinary care of their albums enjoyed a pristine audient experience while those who didn’t suffered from scratches furthermore skips. By pulling arabesque out of the airwaves and 4G networks and physically cutting it onto a ungainly disc, Ghassaei has made music tangible, and perhaps sociable, once again. By sharing her process and script, she has made it potential for anyone who longs for a simpler time to create their own wooden albums. During you may or may prohibition recapture your confused youth, you’ll definitely end up with a conversation starter.

Dance and Vocal Music Classes in Mumbai – The Choice of Traditional Indian Arts and Music

Mumbai is considered separate of the most happening cities in the world. It is a cultural melting caldron which offers an eclectic mix of Indian old arts. You can also find several global influences in the city. For instance, it has a substantial Jewish population with their own distinct cultural heritage. Similarly, the city is also home to the largest Zoroastrian population in the world. This is freely from the early British force which can be seen in many of the heritage buildings in the city. So, full in all there is no dearth of cultural avenues in this city.

For example if it is dance classes for kids in Mumbai that you are looking for, you can choose from a large choice. Approximately every Indian rooted dance form can live learnt in the city. You can spot several dance schools dedicated to Indian dance forms such as “Bhangra”, ” Bharatnatyam”, “Bihu” or “Odissi” dance to mention only some. Similarly, you can also find dance schools here which teach western step styles such as the “Salsa” und so weiter “Samba”.

If you are looking for instrumental montage classes in Mumbai, once again, there is no paucity of choice. You can learn several types of traditional Indian instruments in the city. From the renowned “Tabla” to “Sitar” and “Veena” you can find several music schools that teach you to play instruments. You can also find classes for western musical instruments such as the guitar et al saxophone too.

If vocal music is your choice then you can find several centers here. You can find scores about oral music classes in Mumbai. A large majority of them offer classes on the “Hindustani” style of traditional vocal music from the northern part of India. You can also find music classes for “Carnatic” music, which is popular in south India. You can also find handful diapasonal classes where you can learn Ragtime too. In fact, there are several music centers here where you can get to learn western classical melic too. You can find discos and pubs in the urban belting out prevalent western music, a auspice that this form of music is thriving in the city.

Since Mumbai is division of India, no discussion will be all without the mention about Yoga or meditation. If you are looking for Yoga meditation classes in Mumbai, you want be spoilt for choice, since there are so many options available. One good way to learning Yoga would be to enroll in the many Yoga studios that have come up around the city. You can also find Yoga camps being conducted from time to time handy dominant Yoga Gurus in the city. Another alternative is to hire the services regarding a personalized Yoga teacher, who vessel come down to your house connective develop you in complete privacy.

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